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He is reported to have attempted to kiss her and put his hands inside her clothing as she continued to head towards the Corn Exchange and Crown Street, before she pushed him away and left.

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Rain falls incessantly upon Amegakure, the cries of a mother in labor soon becoming drowned with the increasing screams, marking the birth of the one who was destined to lead the Izbael clan to their nigh foreseeable future, The last words leaking from the lips of his mother, her body torn and tattered, using every last ounce of strength left in her to deliver the newborn, the medics astounded by this great show of fortitude from a woman so close to death. Lord Kage would seem to mutter to himself and little Zemmy as he strode within the shadows of Amegakure, of course Zemeckis knew nothing of what he was speaking to him, but that did not make his words untrue._/- 5 years later -_ He would shake his head at first then resume his training, his hands covered by a pair of white gloves with an odd design on them, a sort of pentagram with unknown runes and symbols drawn upon it, both hands grasping a single barrel custom crafted desert eagle, one painted an onyx black with chrome words engraved into the side of it that state, , grafted into the side of the barrel on the opposite side, the length and weight far above what would be considered normal for their type of craft.

]That at the point they were born, we are [We are winners! Ah, hitori naiteitatonari no kimi ga toikakerudakara bokura yorisoi ikirukirameku made For what have I been living for? An answer that is only for you What will myself And (the) first Scenery I saw look like?It's my face My face! I read this inside The book I read before [The book I read before]According (to) Maslow [A~Romaji~"Aru tokoro ni, chiisa na yume ga arimashita. Dousureba, hito ni boku o mite moraeru darou.chiisa na yume wa kangaete kangaete, soshite tsui ni omoitsukimashita.

kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.ironna hito o madowasete, okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta.sonna ARISU wa, kitsu datte itsu dattekimi to futari de ita yo neitsu datte itsu dattekimi no koto kangaete ita ndakimi mo sōdekimi mo onajikimochi futatsu aru dake dekono saki mo kono saki moikireru kiga shite ita ndakimi ga yondawatashi wa kimi no naka no watashikanashiminikushimitsukuri dasu no wa gūzōkimi ga tsukutta maboroshi wahontō nanka janaikako no kimi no tsugōnoīomoide no patchiwāku [patchwork]-いつだっていつだって君とふたりでいたよねいつだっていつだって君のこと考えていたんだきみもそうできみも同じきもちふたつあるだけでこのさきもa i u e oka ki ku ke kosa shi su se sota chi tsu te tona ni nu ne noha hi fu he ho huma mi mu me moya yu yora ri ru re rowa wonga gi gu ge goza ji zu ze zoda de doba bi bu be bopa pi pu pe pokya kyu kyosha shu shocha chu chonya nyu nyohya hyu hyomya myu myorya ryu ryogya gyu gyoja ju jobya byu byopya pyu pyoye kye she che nye mye ryegye jye bye pyewa2 wi wu we wo2kwa kwi kwe kwoswa si swe swotsa tsi tse tsonwa nwi nwe nwofa fi fe fomwa mwi mwu mworwa rwi rwe rwogwa gwi gwe gwozwa zi zwe zwobwa bwi bwe bwopwa pwi pwe pwotiditudutoudoukonnichiwa Hatsune Miku da yooniki tesuto [test] o hajimeru yokōon juu no omaera narabayoyuu de utaeru nehi A hi B hi C D Ckonna no juutei onda nesukoshi dake oto o ageru yofutsuu no hito nara denai kedokōon juu no omaera narabakaze demo utaeru nehi D hi E hi F G Fmadamada chū onikida nemou chotto oto o ageru yofarusetto [falsetto] dake ja kitsui ka na?

He would walk patiently towards an onyx black suitcase of sorts, kneeling down and clicking it open and placing the two guns inside of it in their respective slots, quickly sealing the case and passing it back to the Lord Kage, once again giving another nod before the Lord Kage says, The sounds of metal clanging against each other would fill the village of Amegakure woke Zemeckis from his slumber, his crimson eyes tracing the various locations of the sounds as he ran out from his room and looked outside, the village was under attack, and he was without his beloved guns now.

Alas, Zemeckis would quickly throw on his custom fitted trench coat and change into his training outfit, throwing on his hat and placing his glasses over his crimson iris' and rushing outside quickly, skillfully creeping through the shadows of the buildings that were cast by their height, a slight aura of steam radiating outward from him as he quickly drew nearer to the training grounds, arriving within a few minutes to see the Lord Kage engaged in combat with four other shinobi, quickly spotting Zemeckis, he would flicker in an instant to him, holding the case with the guns in one hand and then grabbing him and rapidly disappearing across the village towards the back of the village, standing atop the colossal rock-filled boundaries, Zemeckis would blink twice before nodding slightly and disappearing into the mist filled chasm, the Lord Kage vanishing back into the village, not realizing that, this would be the last time Zemeckis would ever speak with the Lord Kage again. .~ Wanderment of a Prodigy ~ He would stop, and find a light clearing within the mist, sitting down gracefully and closing his eyes for a short time, exhaling lowly and remaining silent for a few minutes before noticing the flow of the wind, his eyes steadily opening up again as he rose back to his feet and began walking southwest towards the strongest flow of the draft through the mist filled chasm, around twenty minutes passing before the mist seemed to be lifted and he drew upon a clearing, a lush green forest surrounding his view as he began to hear the sounds of rustling leaves and a few animals running about, occasionally stopping to pick up food and then scuttle along, yet something different pierced his senses, swift gaps of air slices began to fill the air around him as suddenly he was surrounded by a shinobi from Kumo, Konoha, and Suna, the two men and female glancing down to Zemeckis as he began to feel the adverse effects of going so long without sustenance, his body swaying briefly before collapsing into the ground before him, a cloud of dust kicking up as he hit the ground hard.

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