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You are required to complete all 4 steps and fill out all the information including uploading a clear headshot photo of yourself.

Accounts that are incomplete and/or without a headshot photograph will be disqualified.

Welcome to Dating Kingdom, the Internet 100% Free to join dating website. We are the providers of International Online Dating Services and Networking.

Join us with millions of singles worldwide, from all walks of life, backgrounds, professions and ages, who are looking for someone special for fun, friendship, romance, loving relationship or marriage.

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In life and relationships, risk usually equals a reward. This journey of moving towards love involves ‘putting yourself out there’ in the dating world in ways that may seem terrifying at the most and stretching at the least.

Her heart is to empower men and women to choose wisely and love well.

The church as a whole seems to have swung the pendulum all the way over to the wait until you hear from God to ask someone for coffee in years past, and I believe as a whole, we’re trying to …

She has a deep passion to connect Christian singles across the globe into healthy, lasting marriages.

Her perspective is one that includes a limitless God who loves to 'hook' His children up.

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