Cyndi wang and mike he dating

However, Appledaily visited Cyndi’s place two days ago and found the white Mercedes-Benz parked in her parking spot with the same license plate as the one seen at Yao Yuan-Hao’s garage.

Additionally, some recognized the same kind of plates that showed up in dessert photos on both Cyndi’s and Sonia’s Facebook, which is found in Yao Yuan-Hao’s home.

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Taiwanese star couple Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuanhao put an end to their four-year relationship in February amidst a series of negative rumours, including one that claimed that her mother did not approve of him and another that said that the pair had a rocky relationship from the start.

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After dominating the entertainment news section for a week, Cyndi responded to the media for the first time today.

Cyndi admitted that she briefly dated Yao Yuan-Hao back in May of last year after Sonia and Yao Yuan-Hao broke up. Cyndi said, “I was once hurt by a third person, so I definitely wouldn’t allow myself to become the third person of someone else’s relationship! There are some things that I cannot say.” -- she was referring to the fact that Sonia did not announce her break up with Yao Yuan-Hao until last Thursday.

Earlier this week, Cyndi made her first public appearance since the breakup at the 2017 Hito Music Awards rehearsals, where she shared that she was not ready for a new relationship and that she still “needs time to heal” from her previous one.

However, it seems that some Taiwanese outlets didn’t get the memo as they alleged that Cyndi had moved on and was now dating Derek Peng, the son of United China Air Freight’s founder.

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