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Thank you for taking the trouble to browse our site. I've received tobaccos from other vendors from all over the world that have never ever come up to par! But without a doubt the Barber tops them all twice over!! As tobaccos like you're doing haven't been seen in Australia in 30 year's!!

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And there are also products that use a "made on" date, or a date that indicates when the product was produced.

Once you know what type of date is on the package (use by or sell by, etc.), the next step is to identify what the code date means. This means that January 1st equals "1" and the last day of the year, Dec 31, is "365." The year can be represented a variety of ways depending on how the manufacturer chooses to list it.

My e-mail requests were answered promptly and my order arrived right on schedule. I have ordered from many American suppliers before but no one has ever given me the kind of personalized attention and service that James and his people have given me.Netflix's internet television service is now available in 190 countries across the world.The service normally only lets you search for films and TV shows using more general categories, like comedy or thriller.Mr Barber thankyou again and it was a pleasure doing business with you and your company.As a newcomer to your delightful web service, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the remarkably swift and efficient service you provide, and having read other customer's reviews, I see I'm by no means the first and I'm sure not the last to praise your service.

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